Preparation of vessels for Port State Inspections

Port State Control (PSC) inspects foreign ships in national ports to verify their condition. The vessel and its equipment must comply with the requirements of international regulations. It must be crewed and operated in compliance with these regulations to ensure maritime safety, security, and pollution prevention.

International conventions and the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) give Australia responsibilities to check and control ships in Australian waters not to threaten ship and crew safety or the marine environment.
In Australia, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is the body responsible for ensuring compliance. When AMSA inspects a foreign ship, they will examine the vessel’s certificates and other relevant documentation. Suppose the AMSA surveyor identifies clear grounds for believing that the condition of the ship or its equipment does not correspond substantially with the particulars of the certificates or that the master or crew is not familiar with essential shipboard procedures. In that case, the surveyor will carry out a more detailed inspection.

Masters should make all possible efforts to avoid a ship being unduly detained or delayed when exercising control. Sure & Steadfast can survey the aspects of your vessel most likely to be covered by AMSA.

Disclaimer: AMSA does not accredit ‘pre-PSC inspectors services in Australia. Suppose ship owners or operators wish to utilise the services of an individual or organisation to carry our pre-PSC inspections on their vessels. In that case, the onus is on them to ensure the individual or organisation can provide that service. A Port State control officer does not consider the results of any Pre-PSC inspection.